The BACKROAD SUMMER tour is designed for small churches, coffee shops, and even houses! For a very small, flat rate, we're bringing Jaron's show right into your living room!

Book your spot today! booking@jaronmyers.com

What is it?

A full hour show of Jaron's comedy, funny songs, and testimony. Completely unplugged, no microphone, no lights, no production. (unless production is already available).. Just Jaron sharing his life experiences with a group of your friends and family.

When is it?

Dates will vary depending on your location. The tour route is setup for Jaron to get from one area of the country to another without any financial stress, so wherever your city lands on that route will determine the timeframe of the show

Unfortunately, not everone will receive a weekend slot. The date will just depend on when Jaron is passing through your area. But we will do our best to make the event amazing whether it be on a Saturday or a Tuesday!

What does it cost?

$250 and a place to sleep

This tour is designed for small churches, or individuals, who are interested in putting on a show! For that reason, the rate is only $250 and a couch to sleep on! This number is a lowball figure that covers gas, mileage, meals, and a small cushion in case something goes wrong. This is not a tour for Jaron to make a lot of money off of. This is simply to share his talent and meet new people.

AND! If you get more than 50 people there, you'll get a free merch kit!

ANNNNDD!! If you get more than 100 people there, we'll knock $50 off the price to a flat $200!

How do we book our spot?

Simply email booking@jaronmyers.com with your name, location/address the event will take place at, and a phone number!

We'll call you and get the details worked out!