Jaron Myers is a comedian from Springfield, Missouri!

Traveling all across the country, Jaron performs at all kinds of events. From schools and college events, to comedy clubs, private parties, banquettes, churches, corporate events and more!

Myers grew up in a small town in the middle of the Bible Belt. Traveling as a musician and worship leader from the age of 14, Jaron began writing witty songs as a way to connect with people and laugh. After writing several hilarious songs, Jaron found his passion as a comedian and began doing stand up. Now doing it full time, Myers has a passion for laughing and finding joy in unexpected places in life!

Jaron's comedy connects with all ages as he provides his unique perspective on everyday life around us. From dating relationships, to "baby talk", and of course, the dreaded catch phrase of women everywhere, "Bless your heart".. Myers' jokes are sure to pack a punch!

Myers performed at over 250 live events last year and is not slowing down! For information on having Jaron Myers perform at YOUR event, email booking@jaronmyers.com!