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To whom it may concern,

Please accept this letter on behalf of Jaron Myers. My name is Joe Hadinger and I am a professional school counselor for grades 9-12 in southwest MO. Per the high school’s administration and their directive, the district will remain undisclosed to prevent any solicitation nor affiliation for Jaron Myers Comedy. However, I told Mr. Myers that I would be more than happy to write a letter on his behalf.

Recently Jaron visited our school as a guest speaker and addressed half of the student body on the topic of suicide prevention. Our strategy was simple; find a guest speaker who would be able to relate to students from an experiential standpoint rather than a theoretical one (even if that meant bringing in a comedian). Mr. Myers, to put it bluntly, delivered on a strong note. He used his comedic background to keep the students attention. He shared funny stories and jokes as a hook, then masterfully transitioned to the message the counseling department asked him to deliver. The message we asked of him included two aspects. The first aspect consisted of suicide prevention/awareness as part of the legislation from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The second aspect incorporated school initiatives that we are implementing for student goal-setting. Jaron met both of these aspects by speaking about students “finding their forward”, perseverance, how to seek help when they need it, and how to reframe the vantage point of their life to find their value. 

The response was accordingly positive. Students lined up to speak with him after the presentation, between classes, and during lunch hours. Students and staff alike were grateful for a guest speaker who was entertaining with a fresh perspective but also relatable considering the topic of suicide is very serious. As a counselor, I was appreciative to see this response from the student body. So much so that we have already discussed how to bring him back next year to address the other half of the student population. Hopefully you give Jaron a strong consideration as your next guest speaker.



Joe Hadinger



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