Thank you so much for booking Jaron! We're so excited to be part of your event!! Here are a few guidelines to help promote that Jaron will be there!

All promotional images/videos are available here:

Jaron is known for his internet presence! Sharing these videos is important for people who would be interested in seeing him live, but may not recognize his name! 

If you are a church or organization that does regular announcements, we suggest playing a clip during your announcements time a few weeks before the event! Most events choose to play the rap video!

Social Media
The majority of event promotion is done on social media! If you are promoting Jaron on Facebook, we suggest sharing the rap video from Jaron's page. (found hereNot a YouTube link to the video.
Sharing the video from Jaron's page means the video will autoplay in their Newfeed and it will also allow them to see some of the other videos on Jaron's Facebook page! 

We provide plenty of images to use for your promotion! Please use these images.

The images we provided in the Electronic Press Kit are updated regularly. These are strategic images that Jaron uses across his social media and will hopefully tie these events together. Please do not Google Image search for your own images to use.