Award-winning, energetic, unique, and incredibly talented

JARON MYERS is an award-winning power house of unique and witty humor, combined with a gift of musical talent. His likeable character, and edgy but clean humor has kept him busy with a tour calendar of over 250 SHOWS LAST YEAR, and he shows no signs of slowing down!

Myers' grew up in a small town in Missouri, right in the middle of the Bible Belt. He began performing with music and acting as a freshman in high school, traveling with several bands and as a solo artist. In 2012, Jaron wrote a song about finding a girl on Craigslist (just for the fun of it), and it quickly became a favorite among friends and family.

Jaron found his passion in creating songs that made people laugh. From there, he invested his time and his life into those songs, and eventually into his career as a stand up comedian.

He's performed for thousands across the country, being featured on the stage at universities, churches, corporate events, and comedy clubs. "I think we could all use a moment to laugh and take life less seriously", he says, "I just like to have fun"